19-20 May 2018, Eslöv Airport - ESME
The Nordics only real Air Fair




Nordic Aero Expo is an annual Air Fair for private pilots and General aviation in the Nordic

We as organizers and others in the aviation industry feels that it’s time to have a serious Air Fair for the Nordic flying clubs and private pilots. We know that many aviation enthusiasts and pilots in the Nordics feels it’s to expensive to visit the annual European and international Air fairs.
We believe that the Nordic region is a big enough market to attract manufacturers and dealers to come to Nordic Aero Expo and showcase their aircraft and products.
Our hopes are that the Nordic visitors will come and attend our seminars, and take part of the offerings.
Also have the chance to make new contacts and get personal demos from the manufacturers and dealers exhibiting at the Expo .
Our goal is to create a nice and familiar atmosphere where everyone with interest in aviation knows that it is an annual event that is just for them. We will also invite aviation organizations and associations that have the opportunity to run seminars and information sessions and panel discussions.
A key issue for many in General aviation is how can jointly develop and attract new pilots to our hobby, as we all are passionate about.

We welcome all visitors and exhibitors to Nordic Aero Expo


The Air Fair is open between 10am to 4 pm both days!

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Flying to the Expo with your own aircraft

There is a perfect oppertunity to fly to the Expo with your own aircraft. However, there are some restrictions and rules that must be followed for you.

  • We will listening on the radio for any additional questions regarding landing instructions
  • Call up on 123.150 Mhz 5 minutes before arrival for landing instructions


Exhibitors 2018

Nordic Light Avation, Black Wing, Skånes Flygklubb, Cirrus Sales & Service BV, Adekvat Försäkring AB, KSAK/KSAB Pilotshop


Do you like to exhibit at the Expo? Click here to register!


Via E22
At Gårdsstånga exit and enter the Road 17 to Eslöv. In the rondabout go right for 100m and then turn left into the parking area.


Entrance is free for all visitors.

Carpark is free for all visitors.



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If you have any questions, give us a call or send us a email, or please go to above pages for more information.
We’ll be happy to answer any of your questions.

Nordic Aero Expo
Eslöv Airport ESME Sweden
Lennart Arvidsson / Project manager
+46 (0)734 220301

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