Flying to the Expo with your own aircraft

It’s perfectly possible to fly to the Air fair with its own aircraft. However, there are some restrictions and rules that must be followed so that you may get permission to land . We will keep providing our own ATC on ESML during the two exhibition days.
Call up ATC 5 minutes before arrival for landing instructions.
For all arriving aircraft is PPR mandatory and strictly follow below Traffic Pattern.

Click for larger picture!Fuel and tank station
Landskrona Airport offers both Avgas 100LL och 91/96 fuel.
You are able to pay with both VISA och MASTERCARD or cash(SEK).

GPS coordinates ESML
N55°56.67′ / E12°52.17′

Radio frequency / ATC
123.350 Mhz

ESML – RWY 12/30
We offer landing on RWY 12 /30. We prefer that you land on the asphalt runway because of safety reasons. When you have landed you will get instructions where and how to park your aircraft. After you have park then go to the entrance and show your ticket reservation that you got by mail and then receives your day pass to the air show.

Contact details – Fly In manager ESML
Tele: +46 (0) 708 658 430


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